Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hi people, hope your weekend has been great. I had been nursing the idea of cutting my hair for a while now. This was prompted by an incidence that happened at the salon two months ago. I had gone to the salon to remove my weave-on and wash my hair. I didn't meet the usual girl that does my hair at the salon and the owner of the salon was also not around. I was left at the mercy of the lady that i met there who I didn't realize was a novice on the job. I'm this kind of person that likes to stick to a particular salon and a particular person or people attending to my hair. So when I got to the salon and met *Lucy, even though I didn't know how good she was in handling hair, I felt that since it was just to lose my weave and wash my hair, that nothing could go wrong. If only i knew. ........

I realized all was not well when she was taking longer than usual to comb my hair after washing it. You know the usual drill of wash the hair with shampoo, condition it, comb it out with the conditioner still in the hair to soften it and wash finally. After the final washing off of the conditioner, oya, babe comb my hair na. She kept combing the back hair and it just wasn't straightening. I put my hand there and i felt massive tangling of my hair. I froze. I felt it again to know if i could detangle it, but it was really bad. I told her to put more conditioner on that part and leave it for a while to see if it would soften it and aid the detangling. While we were still looking for a solution, her boss *Linda came in.

Once Linda saw what had happened, she quickly took over and tried to salvage the situation. But the damage had already been done. My hair was badly tangled at the back. Linda took her time in detangling it, but by the time she was through, i almost had no hair there again. :-(.. *Lucy was by the corner crying and apologizing to me for the mess done to my hair. In as much as I was angry that my hair had just been damaged, I felt sorry for her and didn't even have the strength to scold her. Besides, her Madam had done enough scolding for the both of us. There and then, I decided that sooner than later, I would have to chop everything off. Linda was so angry at her and they kept on apologizing to me.

I had been postponing the day of the big chop because I hadn't gathered enough courage to go for it. I finally decided to have it done today. I went to a salon in Surulere where I know the guys are good with the scissors. I was scared because I didn't know how I would look after the whole thing. I almost felt like crying when *Akin was chopping my hair off. At the end of the day, he gave me a good Anita Baker hair cut and I simply love my new look. :-).. It makes me look much younger and I kindda feel liberated not having to worry about fixing weaves and braiding my hair for a while. I wish I could put up some pixs of my new look, but i still love my anonymous status. :-D.. I can just imagine the surprised look on the faces of my colleagues come Tuesday, LOL.

Oh well, enjoy the one day holiday. Do i love this surprise public hols or what? :-p

Huggsss and Kisses