Saturday, 28 January 2012


I love to laugh and whenever I see funny pictures that can be saved, I do so, so I can always go back to them and have a good laugh. So below are some funny pictures I saw and saved. Laughter makes you look younger and reduces the wrinkle lines on your face (so says therapist Che :-D ). Enjoy:

I remember when there was BB craze in naija. If you met an insecure babe, somehow in the course of your gist, she would mention that she uses a BB phone and not just that, she would even specify the kind of BB phone it is. All in a bid to prove that she is a gbo gbo bigz gal. *smh*. Phone na phone jare, weda na Nokia or BB candle ^_^.

Have you ever studied for an examination and when it was time to "pour it all out" in the exam hall, you forgot almost if not everything you read. That happened to me i think while in my first year in the university. I had crammed as much as possible while reading almost all through the night. Ohhhh, boi, it wasn't funny at all when I got to the exam hall, saw the questions looking like greek and went blank. I was able to write a few things but didn't do so well in that paper. It taught me a lesson though, never to cram, but read and understand. After that too, I tried to start preparing for my exams early in the semester, but that didn't really work for me. Somehow, I still had to do T.D.B (reading till day break). :-)

Imagine if you were taught English by this woman. LMAO. I can even picture her answering the headmaster very confidently. LOL.

Check out this babe's pose. :-)..Now it seems as if this babe has got her life all figured out. I chose to believe that girls don't think like this. That would be hilarious to me oo.

Did you ever have to be dragged to go to church as a kid. Nowadays, we don't even need to be dragged off our systems to go to church. You can take your mobile devices to church. It pisses me off when I see people answering calls or pinging in church. I just don't get it. I always wonder if such people can't sacrifice an hour or two of their time to be in church without fiddling with their phones. You might say the call is very important and so had to be answered, I hear you. If you go for a job interview, i bet your phone would be on silent mode because you respect the interviewers and you don't want to be distracted. That important call can be made later after church. That's just my opinion.

Will put up the remaining pictures in my next post.

Y'all have an awesome time in church tomorrow.
Huggssss and Kisses.

Monday, 23 January 2012


Today is my mum's birthday. Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy. *dancing around* but I suddenly become sober . You would have been 60 years today mama, but you had to take a trip to heaven because you needed to rest. We miss you sooooo much, but we are learning to live without you. Daddy is waxing strong and we are taking very good care of him. You have three absolutely lovely grandsons now mum. You would be super proud of them and they would have enjoyed your company. You would especially love *Bunna. He is such a dramatic kid especially when compared to his brother *Ikem who is such a peaceful and plump darling. And they are both dark like you. :-). *Osato is a really playful baby and is fair just like his Aunty Che. ^_^.

My Sweet Mum *loads of love and hugss*
We are all doing well in our various professions and cannot thank God enough for His faithfulness in our lives. I remember the different things you used to say and I sometimes say them to my younger ones. Things like *Nchita alu (a lazy person who would notice things that need to be done, but would wait to be told before doing them), *Aka efe n'azu (literally meaning hands always at your back. But it's used when a person passes through a door without shutting the door). Whenever I'm about to wear my shoes with really high heels, I remember as you would say *Eji ntu aga ije (walking on nails) and mimic the way I walk on them. I do your funny dance often with *Somto and it just cracks me up cos I can picture you doing them. You would always say "come and learn how to cook, not when you get married, your husband and in-laws will say *Azurugi azu (you were not brought up properly)  :-D.. I could go on and on, but I chose to pause here. 

You were a very warm person. Oh boi, you were accommodating to a fault, so much so that we nicknamed you Madam Goodington. :-D. Loads of people can testify to your generosity and largeness of heart. You were also a super hardworking woman. You toiled to ensure that we never lacked anything. I remember talking with *Nneka years ago and saying that when we started working and earning fat salaries, we would buy you a limousine to cruise around with and we would also send you to yankee for vacations. LOL. 

I remember when you were diagnosed with Cervical Cancer three years ago. We were all so devastated and prayed earnestly for a miracle. We took you to one of the best hospitals and you started your treatment. You were responding positively, but at the end, you had to go and rest. 

I know you are in a much better place now. I'm grateful that you are free from all the pain, though i wish that you had stayed longer with us. I can just picture you chatting with God and His angels, sharing jokes and laughing heartily. We will always remember all you taught us and will keep making you proud. Keep jollificating in heaven Mum. We will meet with you much later after we have fulfilled our life"s purpose here. 

Forever in our hearts,
With lots of love,
Your (onye ocha) daughter, :-D

P.S: There is a lot of awareness especially now as regards cancer in Nigeria. I would encourage everyone most especially the ladies to go for a pap smear and other tests. 

From Google: A Pap smear can detect certain viral infections (such as human papillomavirus[HPV]) and other cancer-causing conditions. Early treatment of these conditions can stop cervical cancer before it fully develops. A woman may have cervical cancer and not know it because she may not have any symptoms. 

Love you guys much. 

Saturday, 21 January 2012


So far, I have spent four days in my new branch and it has been interesting. I say interesting because I have a new set of colleagues and I have had fun studying them and my environment. There's a particular lady that I just wonder at. *Sharon is the Cash Officer and she is quite a character. When I resumed, there was no system for me, so I had to share hers for a couple of days. I don't appreciate when people tell me things about other people. I just don't want to know and besides I feel like that person would also say things behind my back. While working on Sharon's system the first day I resumed, she started what I have termed her usual way of muttering. She was sitting beside me and was just muttering to herself. At first I thought she was praying beneath her breath, but after about ten minutes of muttering and no word from me, she asked me if I didn't hear what she was saying. With a surprised look, I turned and told her that I didn't know she was talking to me.

Apparently she had been grumbling about a lot of things and wanted my input in the matter. She complained about the music our Hop *Lekan was playing. *Sharon said the music was too loud and it wasn't even Christian songs, so what makes him think everyone would want to hear it (she was playing her Christian songs too). I blinked in shock that someone would make such a silly and petty comment. I told her while smiling that it was none of her business what kind of songs he was playing cos it's a free world. Next she complained that *Lekan always favors his people (Yoruba) and would always side them. *Sharon is from Delta state. I didn't say anything to her, but continued working.

She would complain that *Lekan does not do his job but leaves everything for her to do. She would give instances of the tickets that were posted by the tellers and are supposed to be verified by the two of them, but *Lekan would leave everything for her to do and instead be reading his mails. All this while, i had been quiet as she muttered, but I was tired of hearing her talk. I told her that she can't just talk like that and he might have important issues to sort out via mail. *Sharon grumbled about how *Lekan wastes time with customers when he has to personally address their issues. Once, she pointed out to me a customer that had come to see *Lekan and was talking with him. In less than five minutes, they were through and the customer got up and left. *Sharon then said that that was an exception because usually the customer would seat there for a long time with *Lekan.  On and on she went grumbling about one thing or the other that *Lekan and some other people do. I never witnessed any of this things that she accuses them of.

I heard an earful of how *Funmi (the C.S.O) is a very lazy girl and because she is Yoruba, *Lekan would always side her. On my third day in the office, *Lekan called that he was stuck in traffic and would be a little bit late to work. *Sharon started her muttering and was saying that ehnnnnnn, he always comes late to work and has one excuse or the other and it would become worse now cos there's a new staff that can cover for him. It's always to my hearing only, so when she mutters like this , I tell her off if I'm in the mood, but most times, I just ignore her.

Yesterday, I and *Sharon entered the vault to bring out some cash for the tellers and almost as soon as we got in, she said that we should hurry up and leave because she doesn't like wasting time in the vault. She said that the vault was hot and had a musky smell. I shook my head, looked at her well and just started laughing and I told her to calm down. I was laughing because it's not as if she is an ajebutter or anything of that sort. ( I don't mean to be mean cos I'm not an ajebutter either :-D ). I asked her if she has ever seen a fan, air condition or windows for ventilation in a vault before. Of course she didn't respond, but picked the cash and we left the vault.

I don't know if she has had issues with *Lekan or the other people before. I'm not interested in all that. After she has grumbled beneath her breath, she would always turn to them, be all smiley and still work as if she doesn't spite them. I don't want to conclude that she is a frustrated, bitter and spiteful person cos I have known her for just four days, but that is the way she comes across to me. So far, she is the kind of person that I wouldn't want to be friends with. I have decided that I would just relate with her as a colleague. If she can tell me (a colleague that is just 4days old in the branch) such things about other people, then I don't need such a person as a friend.

So far, *Lekan seems to me like a correct guy. He is fun to be around and does his job. My other colleagues all make sense too. I also noticed that the relationship they have with *Sharon is kind of official. They don't really gist with her. Oh well, I might be wrong though.

My system was fixed and configured by an IT guy yesterday, so I now stay on my own and don't have to constantly hear her mutterings. Thank goodness.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I wasn't too excited yesterday when I heard on the news that the strike had been called off. I felt as if we hadn't achieved what we set out to. I felt betrayed by N.L.C. I wonder what transpired behind the closed doors during their meeting with the F.G. They seemed so firm in their resolve to fight corruption starting with the reverting of fuel price back to N65. What made them compromise so early, when the people were just gearing up fully for more protests. Lots of questions and no answers. I feel sorry for the lives that were lost in the protest. Their deaths seems to have been in vain. Well, the fight against corruption continues, maybe not in form of mass protests. It might be individually and gradually, but the fight still goes on.

While the strike was going on, I had become tired of staying indoors. I didn't want to go to work. Mba, I just wanted to be able to visit my friends and waka anyhow without fear of anything happening to me on the road. Some of my friends shared the same sentiments with me. I was surprised that even my sister was feeling the same way. I remember she would say that she misses spending time with her hubby and two sons and was eagerly looking forward to the strike. I laughed at her when she complained of feeling caged indoors.

As soon as the strike was called off, I spread the info and surprisingly, most of those people that had said they were tired of staying indoors, didn't want to resume work so soon. That included me :-). Well, we didn't have a choice in the matter. It was hard to drag myself off bed when my alarm went off. I had gotten used to sleeping late and waking up equally really late. I eventually woke up and went quickly went through my phone for recent updates and gists. I saw a display picture a friend put up and it depicted what I was feeling, so I quickly saved it. In the space of a few minutes, some of my friends had changed their display pictures to the same one. I chuckled knowing that even though some of us were tired of the strike, we were not in the mood to resume work. Below is the picture:

I had to consciously switch to work mode when I got to the office. No more excessive sleeping, eating and generally having a good time at home. *Sighs*. Work was sooooo busy today. Chai, i couldn't wait for it to be 4pm, so we would close to customers and I could face some internal things I had to sort out. Hope you all had a splendid day at work today. Enjoy the rest of the fabulous week.

Hugs and kisses.

P.S: Thanks for the comments on my last post. I planned on doing a seriously worded mail to the S.C.U guys today, but the main C.S.O guy kindda resumed today. Tomorrow, I will hand over to him and jejeli waka to my original new branch. It was fun working with a new set of people for a while but it's time to move on. Change is one constant thing in life abi.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


I absolutely hate it when people outrightly refuse to do their jobs. Right now, I'm so angry with some of my colleagues. I could just slap them off their seats and make them do what they are supposed to do. If you have been following my blog, you would know that I resumed in my second new branch on the 19th of December, 2011. I did a post on it titled: A New Beginning. Usually, when you resume in a new branch, you are expected to fill out a form where you specify your new job function and other things. This form is then scanned and sent as a mail to the Group Head Operations (G.H) and to a group of people in the Systems Control Unit (S.C.U).  The G.H approves the change and the guys in the S.C.U then effects the change. All this is supposed to be done in a matter of minutes. However, until the change is done, you do not have the work rights to function in your new department.

As I resumed, I was faced with the challenge of not been able to work on the system. I needed to be configured first. Some branchs have an I.T person working with them, but most of the branches would have to call an I.T person to come and help out when issues arise. The I.T person assigned to our region was not readily available, so I had to learn to configure my system via chat. It was an annoying process, but I eventually got that sorted out. The S.C guys efficiently changed my work rights and so I was enabled to function as the Funds Transfer (F.T) person in my new branch. It was quite challenging learning and working at the same time. I'm sure I made a pretty sight armed with my notebook and hopping on heels from my desk to my bosses desk. ^_^. , and at the same time attending to customers. :-).

After working in the capacity of an F.T for one week, the Customer Service Officer (C.S.O) went on leave and I was assigned to relieve him. I configured myself on his system (I'm now a pro on that :-) ), filled the form for my work rights to be changed from FT to C.S.O, scanned it and sent it to those in charge. Now it is from this part that I wish I could slap some people. *insert very angry face*. As soon as the G.H approves, it shouldn't take the guys in S.C.U more than a few minutes to effect the change. My G.H immediately approved the mail sent and you all will not believe that up till now, part of my work rights as the C.S.O has not been given to me.

I will try to explain it as much as I can without outrightly abusing my colleagues, cos I'm so pissed at them. It took the guys in S.C.U almost two days to effect some change to enable me do my core C.S.O functions. Can you imagine that I had a lot of account opening packages to work on, but could not open these accounts because my work rights had not been enabled. The account officers had to keep lying to the owners of these outstanding accounts that our link in the office was epileptic and that was why they hadn't received their account numbers. Also, when a customer collects his cheque book, the C.S.O is supposed to immediately upload the cheque range on the system. This is to enable the customer to use the cheque book to withdraw without any delays. There were situations where other branchs sent us mails asking us to upload the cheque range of customers so they could withdraw. I couldn't upload them because my work rights had not been changed. The customers were eventually paid, but it was service failure to have kept them waiting for a while through no fault of theirs.

I sent a series of reminders to the guys at S.C.U to do their job, so I could do mine, but it was almost as if they see the mails and wait for someone else to do the needful. I called several times and a different person will always pick the phone. I would narrate my issue and they would promise to do their bit immediately. I'm still waiting for them to do their bit thoroughly. I told my boss that it's almost as if part of their brains are on leave. I just don't understand anymore.

As i type this, I have close to 25 customer's requests for ATM cards. It takes just a few minutes to process these cards. I have debited the accounts, but can't process the cards because my work rights in that area has not been done. All thanks to my colleagues at the S.C.U, i have almost perfected the art of sympathetic lying. I just keep on lying to the customer's that the part of the system used to process ATM cards has been down for a while, but also promise them that it will be up soon. *insert guilty face*. Just yesterday, a customer came again to collect his ATM card and I felt so bad cos it still had not been processed. He was really sad cos he needs it especially in the face of this impending strike.

Sincerely, I wonder at my colleagues in S.C.U. Is it that as soon as they receive I, my boss or even the G.H's mail, they "mistakenly" delete it? Or do they plan on effecting the change on my work right after I have called, but forget? Do they want me to come to our Head Office and shake them up before they can do their job? Don't they understand that because of their negligence, some people are rendering gross disservice to the customers?  I tire o.

P.S: I wore a purple peep toe shoe to work last Thursday and my boss told me that the color is not compliant. I told her (politely and smiling while slapping her in my head) that it was compliant and besides I have a copy of our dress code. I was even wearing a pair of trousers, so how did she notice my shoe. *smh*.  She still insisted that it wasn't compliant. I told her I don hear. *sticking tongue out*. I am working my ass out managing the customers with my non existent work rights and you are here noticing the color of my shoe. Mscheww.. .. I just fixed a sanely crazy hairstyle today and painted my toe nails blue. Let me hear what she will say about it when i get to the office. *evil grin*.

P.P.S: So sorry the post is long. I'm just pissed at my colleagues. :-)

Sunday, 1 January 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!  I saw this picture of 2012 and it made me laugh so I decided to put it up. I feel kindda sad for the last 1 as it was shooed away by the incoming 2. LOL. Did you notice the stern look in the eyes of 2 and the downcast look in the eyes of the last 1? The last 1was so sad to be leaving that he didn't even put on his celebration cap. :-(......Oh well, 2011 came, was the King of the moment, had his reign, but now it's time for 2012 to take over. In Igboland, there is a saying "Eze puo, Eze anochie" (When a king leaves, another king takes over). That's exactly what has happened. The past year was joyous for I and my family. The Lord was and is still faithful to us. We can't thank Him enough for the numerous things he has done.

Lord I want to thank you for life, for soundness of mind, for your guidance and your protection, for your faithfulness and love, for your mercies that are new every morning, for your grace that is always sufficient for me, for food to eat and clothes to wear, for my job, for my family, friends, blogsville family and the wonderful things you have done for us.

I'm sooooo excited about this year. I can barely contain myself in anticipation of the things I'm going to achieve this year. I'm not setting any new year resolutions for myself. Nope. I will just set weekly and monthly goals. And with God helping me all the way and determination on my part, I will def get them done.

I wanted to upload a song that I heard late last year and I loved it, but I kept getting an error message. Will do that some other time.

Huggsss and kisses and a Fabulous 2012 to you all.