Thursday, 26 July 2012


I saw this in a friend's bb status and asked for his permission to share it. *Kunle wrote: "Imagine KAI stopped moto for me to cross the road at Ojota, only to arrest me at the other side of the road for not using the pedestrian bridge". I had a good laugh when I read it. Personally, I don't cross the express road directly underneath a pedestrian bridge. I'm not a model citizen, far from it. My obeying this rule is borne more out of the fear of being hit by one of the crazy drivers in a hurry to get to God knows where. I prefer to just jejeli and most times tiredly climb the bridge to get to the other side. I guess my friend was in a hurry and when the KAI official stopped the cars for him to cross, he forgot that he was disobeying a law. The question I asked myself was this: Why would an official assist a citizen in breaking a law? Abi is that a new tactic to catch the ones who err and collect money from them. On further enquiry, *Kunle told me that after the KAI official collected money from him, he said he (Kunle) was a complete gentleman and asked for his number. Kunle was just fuming. I had such a good laugh. Our naija officials sha :-D.

MTN can be crappy in their services. I use their BIS services and they are just inefficient at serving their customers. If I remember correctly, I used to receive a text message two days prior to my BIS expiration date informing me that I would need to renew my subscription to avoid disruption. They no longer send the pre message. One would be busy enjoying their services and then just receive a text message saying that your BIS has expired bla bla bla. What kind of abrupt termination is that na ehn? I wondered to myself whether they were cutting cost. Is it not the same money spent in sending the expiration text that could have been spent in sending the prior to expiration text. Mschewwwwww. Another new "innovation" on their part is to send you an alert after each call you make informing you of how much you spent on the call and how much credit  you have left. I'm not interested in that jorr. I can always check my balance if I want to know how much I have left. The alert they are supposed to send, they won't send. It's the unnecessary one they will send. *smh at them.

There's something my siblings do that annoy me. It has to do with doors: room doors, door of the fridge etc. It's become a rather annoying habit of them to just bang the door instead of holding the knob and gently closing it. I just don't get it ehnn biko nu. I always tell them that the carpenters that built the doors had a reason for putting the knob. It's not there to add to the overall beauty of the door, but it's to be held and used to gently close the door. I have told them these severally and atimes I wonder if it's just me been a nagging sister. But the sound of the doors banging gives me headache. If you happen to visit, you are most likely going to hear me telling either of them to close the doors gently :-)

I often tell people that it is not by force to update your status or post a comment on facebook. I always cringe when I see comments with grammatical errors in it. I'm not perfect in English language and so I have learnt to proof read before I post anything. I also appreciate it when my friends correct me. A friend sent me the pictures below for laughs. I apologize if you know the people involved. I don't mean to spite anyone.

I don't understand the last lady that said "Amen & same 2 me". Is it that she was in a hurry to comment and didn't read what the guy wrote. *very surprised look

Enjoy the rest of the week folks.

Love and Hugs.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Hellloooo everybody, hope your week wasn't too stressful. Mine has been pretty busy. A very warm welcome to my new followers. You guys rock. So I finally conclude the 11's after a month (covers face in shame) :-)

Questions from Ema Leecious:
1. What do you love most about yourself? My intelligence
2. Who are you in secret? Still me
3. What's your best food? White rice and ofe akwu (banga stew)
4. Why do you blog? To let things out
5. Where is the one place you are most comfortable in? My bedroom
6. Who do you call God? Jesus
7. Do you know God or you know about Him? A bit of both
8. What drives you? The desire to succeed
9. In three words, who is a successful person? Three words kee, Well someone who thoroughly enjoys what  they do and is good at it.
10. What's the kindest thing you have ever done? There are lots of them. Don't know which one would qualify as the kindest.
11. When you have a lot of money, what's the first thought that crosses your mind? Hmmmmmmm, still thinking. 

Questions from Amaka's Notepad:
1. All conditions being equal, what career would you choose? Media
2. What is your most annoying habit? Sleeping
3. Which celebrity do you sometimes wish you were best friends with? Hmmm, none comes to mind.
4. What little things could make your day? A kind and sincere word from a friend
5. What is your favorite color and why? Used to be yellow while I was growing up. Loved its brightness. Now I have lots, mostly bright colors though. 
6. Describe your dream partner? An understanding man.
7. If you were the president of Nigeria, how would you handle this Boko Haram issue? It would take wisdom from God and taking some drastic measures.
8. What do you think of Aki and Pawpaw (the actors)? I guess they are ok, cos I'm not really a fan of home movies. 
9. What was your most cherished birthday present ever? and your worst? Would have to think. I dey come :-)
10. Describe the moment that makes you smile every time you remember it? Ermmmmmm...
11. What kind of person do you think the person behind Amaka's Notepad is? I've met her, so I guess I don't have to think. Lol

Questions from Cherrywine:
1. What is the one thing that frightens you the most? Death
2. What song would you describe as your "theme song" i.e a song that best describes you or how you feel about yourself or certain issues? Destiny's Child- I'm a Survivor
3. Kim Kardashian, the entire Jersey shore cast (if they were formed into one body with a medusa head of all the cast bodies) and Nene Leakes; if you had one bullet, who would you shoot? Aside from Kim K, I don't know who the other people are, so I would pass on this.
4. What was the last most outrageous purchase you made? Buying stuff to treat acne and it didn't work as well as i imagined it would. Oh well...
5. Is it best to have loved and lost or is it best to not love at all giving the possiblity of heart break? Give reasons. (P.S: No BS sappy and generic answers too): For me, it's best to have loved and lost. 
6. Tatoos or piercings, which do you prefer and why? ('neither' is not an answer): Tatoos cos I can get a temp one and get it off when i want to. 
7. Who do you love the most your brother or your boyfriend? (If married, replace with husband) and give reasons. My brother would have to do for now cos I don't have a boyfriend. 
8. Is revenge ever justified? Give reasons. I would say no, but it also depends on the situation.
9. Is religion an important consideration in a relationship? Give reasons. Yep, for me it is. Need to be sure that we are on the same frequency in that aspect. 
10. If you were president for a day, what is the first thing you would do? Look for a solution to the most pressing need of the time. 
11. What is your first memory of being aware of / attracted to someone of the opposite sex? Can't remember the first memory. Probably when i was way younger. :-)

Questions from Docia:
1. Do you believe God exists? Yes I do.
2. Why do you think God created you a man or a woman? I guess He knew I would function better as a woman. :-)
3. What do you do at your leisure? I watch movies, read or sleep.
4. If you had the opportunity of changing any part of your body, which part would you change? My hair texture. 
5. Who are you? I am a girl na 
6. If you had the chance of seeing me face to face, what would you tell me? This your questions are something else. LOL
7. What do you think can prevent you from going to heaven? Unbelief, sin etc.
8. If you had the chance of coming into this world again, would you marry the person you are married to or date the person you are dating now? Currently not dating anyone, so can't answer this. 
9. Sorry, but if God decides to turn you into an animal today, which animal would you chose to be and why? A bird, so I can fly and see the whole world. Lol.
10. Do you think you would have been better off if you had one eye, one nostril, one hand and one leg? Why? Ermmmm, nope, I don't think so. 
11. Write your own questions?

I couldn't think of answers to some of the questions jare. ;-p

Have a lovely weekend y'all.