Sunday, 25 March 2012


I had to duck and swipe at the cobwebs to be able to get to my blog page. Phewww it feels so good to be back here. I have missed you all no be small. I didn't know I would be gone for so long, but somehow, time just dey fly dey go and babe no see road to blog. Much love to ToinGeeLucianoDoshOkeoghenePriscyEma LeeciousEddie Steeze and Jemima for checking up on me. So how have you all been? What's the latest on blogsville? I know I have a lot of blog rounds to do. Will get to that very soon. A very warm welcome to all my new followers. You guys just gladden my heart.

I'm sure you are all wondering what has kept me away for almost one month. It's nothing major jare. I have been  playing Mummy to my two nephews and somehow, blogging was far away from my mind. Initially, my internet at home was misbehaving and so I couldn't blog. I eventually got that all fixed up and then my sister needed me to help supervise her nanny and take care of her kids cos she had to travel for a two weeks training abroad. I didn't mind cos I love kids and hadn't seen my nephews in a while. My nephews are Bunna (almost 3yrs) and Ikem (10 months old).

I got to her house in Lekki a day before she was to leave. The plan was that I would stay from thursday to Monday. And on Monday, my aunty would come to take over so I could go back to Surulere on Tuesday. Before she left, she told me some things that I was also to pass on to my aunty. One of them was that the only Tv stations Bunna watches are 306: Cbeebies and 309: Disney Jnr (both on Dstv). She specifically said that if he is awake, we should just try and indulge him and watch those stations cos she didn't want him watching other things, but once he is asleep, we can watch whatever we want to. I didn't have any problem with that. She handed over some other things to me and went on her trip.

It was fun staying with my nephews and somehow I just stayed on for the rest of the week even when my aunt came to take over from me. The only problem I thought I would have was getting to my office which is close to Surulere. My sister's driver took care of that, so i wasn't stressed. Thanks to Bunna, I got used to and even started enjoying the cartoons from Cbeebies. :-D. Cartoons like Teletubbies, Penelope K by the Way, Mister Maker and Boogie Beebies started to make sense especially since my nephew would imitate almost every single thing they did. The songs were catchy too and I even caught myself singing them while at work. :-).

I stayed for a week and on Friday, I handed over to aunt, packed my bag and headed back to Surulere. On Sunday, I called to know how they were and was told that they were in the hospital. Ikem had a high temperature, so they had to get it checked out. I packed my bag again and headed for Lekki. The driver took me straight to the hospital and it was more serious than i thought. The baby had some boil like infection on his face and hand in addition to the high temperature and had to be admitted. It wasn't a very nice experience I tell you cos he had to be pricked several times until they found a vein to use for his drip. He was in so much pain and kept on wailing. He eventually quietened down and we got to sleep and it seemed as if I just closed my eyes and my alarm went off for me to prepare for work.

My shuttle from Lekki to Surulere commenced again. He was discharged the next day and we thought all was well again. We were so wrong. By Tuesday, he wasn't keeping in food, was running a high temperature again and was generally ill. The test result from the hospital said it was malaria and infection but the drugs they gave him were not helping him at all. So his dad decided that we try another hospital. He was readmitted a second time in the new hospital and a fresh series of tests were conducted on him. Thank God for my aunt that was around to stay with him in the hospital during the day until i could join them after work. The nanny was busy with the first son at home, preparing him for school and all that.

A pipe was inserted into his hand to drain the puss from the infection. Ikem got so tired of bin jabbed as pa injections and drips that after a while, once he saw a particular set of doctors and nurses, he would start to cry. He could identify those ones as his "enemies" cos they always came with the needle. We were constantly in communication with his Mom while all these was going on and she was really worried, but couldn't cut her trip short cos it was work related. We kept on assuring her that he was going to be fine.

We were discharged after some days and I stayed on in Lekki until my sister returned. Right now my nephew is back to his bubbly self. We can't thank God enough. A big thank you too to my friends and family that kept on praying for him and calling to know how we were. It was an experience playing Mommy to the boys. I miss singing with Bunna to psyche him to take his night bath and also going "hmmmm yummy yummy delicious" to psyche him to eat. :-D. I miss going "ssshhhhhh" with him when we have to tiptoe around the sitting room cos his baby brother is asleep there, or going "tick tock, tick tock" when we mimic the clock while Mister Maker creates something in one minute. :-D. I had fun jare even with the whole hospital drama thing.

Will be back soon with more gist.

Huggssss and Kissesssss.