Friday, 19 August 2011


I work in a cash center in Kirikiri and because of the terrible traffic along my route, I prefer to follow my dispatch man on his bike back to my main branch in Apapa. One sunny day, we took off as usual, both of us wearing our huge sunglasses. There I was, enjoying the scenery and taking in the fumes from the tankers and trailers, when a bike carrying a fine guy passed us. We were stuck in traffic for a while, but it eventually eased up a little and bikes could move on. The bike with the fine guy moved on and we followed. Suddenly, a bus driver on our right side opened his driver's door without looking in the mirror and hit the bike carrying the fine guy down right in front of a trailer loaded with two containers. Thank God for everyone that screamed. Thank God the trailer had a functional brake. Thank God for the driver of the trailer that was level headed and sharp. He stepped on the brake and stopped immediately.

The okada man and fine guy got up immediately and moved to the sidewalk. The fine guy jumped the crossing that demarcates both lanes of the road, quickly crossed to the other side of the road and continued walking as if nothing had happened. It was a bit comical to me, but I am sure the guy was still in shock and couldn't believe what he just went through. God must have been on the lookout for him that day. My dispatch guy and I continued our journey whilst giving thanks to God for the near fatal accident that was averted. I don't know what happened to the bus driver. He must have received a lot of abuses from people around, but hopefully no beating. I wondered to myself what he opened his door to do at that instance. Did he want to urinate in the broad daylight in the middle of the road? Did he want to see how far the traffic was and maybe develop wings for his bus? Whatever his reason was, that was a wrong move he made. It could have been me knocked down right in front of that trailer, because I was directly behind the fine guy. Thank God for His mercies.

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