Friday, 26 August 2011


I am constantly in a dilemma on what to wear to work. Well, except on Mondays and Fridays which the bank has helped me sort out by way of a dress code. On Mondays, its either navy blue or black suit on white and on Fridays, we wear the bank's tee shirt on a pair of jeans. It should be easy to figure out what to wear in the remaining three days right, WRONG.

I come home from work and open my wardrobe widely while I sort out other things. The idea is that once in a while, when I glance towards that direction, I will get an inspiration on what to wear. Most times however, nothing comes to mind, so when I start feeling sleepy, I go and stand in front of my clothes chanting: "What to wear", "What to wear" like a crazy girl. My siblings just look at me, shake their heads and laugh. After trying on different combinations, I finally decide on what to wear and by this time, I'm half asleep.

I envy people that can wear practically anything to work. Banks that allow their staff to wear any colors and styles are cool too. My bank dey try sha, but it still feels so restricted. :-(. Maybe it's because I'm tired of recycling the clothes I can wear and wish I could just wear anything as long as it looks formal. I have heard of some banks that have dress codes for their staff for each day. Mondays- black and white, Tuesdays- blue and white, Wednesdays- black and white, Thursdays- blue and white. Abeggiiii, na primary school dem dey? Even primary schools sef have colorful school uniforms. I also hear of banks that don't allow their female staff to wear peep-toe shoes, only fully covered work shoes. Na wa o.

Why not allow us to express our creativity in our clothes and footwear as long as they are formal, decent and we represent the bank well.


  1. My guess is Eco bank, Intercontinental bank, access bank or oceanic bank. Which one are you?

    As for me, I never even applied to a bank because one of the things I hated was the dress code. Don't wanna feel caged

  2. Well it sounds like it's slightly better there than here (London) coz the bank staff or retail staff have to wear the same uniform everyday.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)
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  3. @ Gospel Girl: Many thanks for stopping by. *surprised and sad look* at the bank staff over there wearing the same uniform daily. Guess the follow button was acting up when you tried, but it's ok now. *grins*

  4. My Bank allow us express our creativity to the core. I think thats the only thing i like about being a banker...that and the pay! :)

    Nice blog! Yay us bankers

  5. I'm guessing you work with either Zenith or Gtb. Thanks dear for stopping by. I'm going to check out your blog now.