Friday, 9 September 2011


As is the norm with me, when I closed from my cash center at Kirikiri, I boarded my dispatch man's bike and we left for the main branch in Apapa. Thankfully, my route was free to an extent until we got to Tincan. We were following a Keke Napep behind when we saw an oncoming trailer loaded with two containers. It was a normal sight for me so there was no cause for alarm. The driver of the Keke however decided to misbehave.

Maybe it was the fear of the oncoming trailer's size compared to his tuke tuke that made him unsure of his lane. Instead of him to focus and continue on his lane, he was heading straight for the trailer. The driver of the trailer while moving forward, started to sway from side to side. This was all in a bid to avoid the Keke and other vehicles following it. The containers on the trailer were also shaking (most of the time, these containers are not properly hinged on the trailers and that is why they sometimes fall off ).

We were getting close to the trailer and since there was no way to manouever around it, the dispatch man said: "Ahh, e be like say we go jump comot for road o since this trailer and keke dey act drama for here". When we were almost close to the trailer, we did some Jackie Chan moves and  jumped off the okada to the other side of the road. Thank God the other side of the road was deserted. I don't even want to think of what could have happend if there were moving vehicles on the other side of the road. Thank God also that I was wearing a pair of trouser suit. I for hear am if I was wearing one of my sisi like straight skirts.

I don't know where the speed came from to move that fast and whenever I recount the incident, I always tell people, that I must have been carried by an angel to the other side of the road because the distance was much. There was a tear on my jacket and my bag, but I wasn't injured, just a slight bruise on my knee. My dispatch man was also ok.

The Keke swerved and the driver and his passengers also jumped out to avoid been hit by the trailer. The trailer hit our now empty bike down and screeched to a halt. To say I was in shock would be an understatement. Some passersby and passengers in the cars behind us quickly ran towards us to know if there were any casualities and also to render help. Shouts of praises to God could be heard all around us because there was no fatality.

 We were helped up, I dusted myself and tried to steady my nerves. I had never been so scared in my life as I was that day especially because of all the gist I have heard about accidents caused by trailers and some I had seen. After a while, when I was more composed, I got a ride to complete the last lap to my office. My dispatch man chose to continue the trip to the branch on his bike since it was ok.

I have always known to be grateful to God for life, but that day, I was reminded that life is fleeting and everyday is a precious gift to be savored. As I go through my day's activities, or whenever I go out and come back home, I thank God for His protection, mercies, faithfulness, love and so much more.


  1. God is faithful oh!!! He lifted you up from that disaster and would continue to protect you!

  2. hey babes. Thank God for your life. This is getting too close for comfort o. last month, i read your "close call" post. God'll continue to protect us all. life si truly fleeting

  3. Che,

    Lol@ 'the dispatch man said: "Ahh, e be like say we go jump comot for road o since this trailer and keke dey act drama for here".'

    That part had me laughing. But seriously, thank God for your life there. I wonder what it is with those trailer drivers. Half of the time, they are pissy drunk on local gin, or in a hurry to nowhere. Only in Naija would a trailer, unhinged container loads and all, over-take a sports car.

    Great blog btw. I am a fan!


  4. Thank God for you dear. His protection is forever guaranteed.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for all the comments. You're appreciated gan ni! :)

  5. @ Gee: Thank a lot dearie. God is truly faithful.

    @ Toinlicious: Amennnnn to your prayers dear.

    @ Esco: No mind those wondrous accident prone trailers and their drivers. Okwa Chukwu zoba mmadu. I really appreciate your stopping by my blog too.

    @ RemiRoy: Thanks for the prayers dear. Your blog is awesome and i can't help but check to read the new updates.

  6. Thank God for coming through for you

  7. @ @ilola: My dear, I'm most grateful to God for his protection and mercies.