Sunday, 11 December 2011


I love music. Be it singing, listening to it or dancing to it, I simply love music. There is a very old radio in my house that I'm sentimentally attached to. I'm pretty sure it's older than even my eldest sister :-D, but it is still functional. The knob used to tune to different stations is spoilt, so we replaced it with a pair of scissors or a key or anything. The radio is portable, so we just move it around. It's semi permanent position is in the kitchen. Well, this is mainly because of me. My popsie calls me the kitchen manager, because I'm the eldest in the house now, so I'm in charge of the kitchen. :-).  I love food, mostly the eating aspect, not the cooking. :-). So the radio keeps me company when I'm cooking, washing up or generally fiddling around in the kitchen. Below is a picture of the radio in my kitchen:

The radio is not that bad abi. That radio you see in the picture has kept me abreast of what's happening in terms of music, news, traffic report and general gist. Somehow, with the radio blaring loudly and me shaking my booty while cooking or washing the dishes, time just zooms past and before I know it, I'm through with what I'm doing.

 Below is a plate of fried rice garnished with tomatoes and boiled egg prepared by my humble self :-) and a tray of salad prepared by my sister and I.

I just love the colorful combination of the veggies in the salad. I love colors too. Yummy looking ehhh.......

Merry Xmas to y'all.


  1. Merry Christmas to you too dear..the food though,YummY..thank you for tormenting my mind with food i can only see

  2. That radio looks ancient but as far as it gets the job done, right? LOL...

    The food looks delicious!

  3. Che,didn't know you were this wicked.How could you Che? How could you be so thoughtless? How could you display what is obviously a very delicious dish on your blog when i can't get to eat it.Not fair!

  4. lwkm..........chai!!! Che, ure one very funny girl, dat radio enn, i dont have the words.
    loving the arrangement of the food.....patiently awaiting mine in my inbox

  5. lol! Che you are just a case, check out that radio..its priceless..umm the food looks great especially that salad, i love salad!

  6. @ Didi: Sorry about the torment dear. It wasn't intentional :-)

    @ Myne: Lol @ my ancient radio. But it does wonders in keeping me company while I'm in the kitchen.

    @ A-9ja-Great: Awwwww, sorry hun. Hehehehehehhe, I'm packaging some and sending down to you ASAP.

    @ Luciano: No yab my radio o hennnnn. Lol. I love when food is appealing to the eyes, even before it hits my taste buds. Off to inbox some to you now.

    @ Jemima: Thanks for loving my radio. ;-). You won't believe that I don't eat salad *covers face*. I'm that bush. Lol. I don't mind preparing it especially arranging it to look attractive, but to eat it, mba. Maybe i will try it out later. I'm quite choosy when it comes to food.

  7. Hahahahaha, that radio is a cllaassic oh!
    Salad looks divine, not as if u'll eat any of it *wink wink*

  8. tot i was the only one who loved food. Funny thing is i also dislike salad.N ice write-up to set the xmas ball rolling

  9. Che, i bu onye ojoo! This hot afternoon wey i just chop bread finish to take hold belle (as i no get strength to waka go find food) na im u hit me with these pictures!??? No make me branch market on my way home this night go begin find salad condiments ooo. i take God beg you

  10. I actually came to ogle at your salad!!!
    I am really hungry right now!
    And you radio has indeed seen better days...but it also shows how valuable it is, as it would have been thrown out if it wasn't!

  11. lol @ that radio. Thing is, it was probably the most expensive type of radio around at the time it was bought. Ask popsie how many chicks almost fell for him cos of his sound system.

    As for the food, i dont have the patience to garnish food before eating it. i zoom in for the 'kill' immediately food is in my plate!

  12. @ Anonymous: The radio is def classic. Yep, I didn't taste the salad at all. *wink*

    @ Agk: HiFive jare @ loving food and not liking salad. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Amaka's Notepad: Ndo Nwannem nwanyi. LOL. I hope you didn't branch the market tonight o to buy salad condiments. :-D.

    @ Ema Leecious: Sorry for making you hungry dear. The plan was to get people eager to cook up a storm this Xmas. No be small thing o as per my radio. It's still very valuable to us.

    @ Buzzer: Correct babe. I can just pix my dad and his friends grooving with the radio. I wouldn't be surprised if that sound system was one of the latest models of that time. Lol @ you zooming in for the kill. No time to waste with garnishing abi.

  13. Hahahaha. The scissors-knob! Old faithful radio!
    And I'm still yo-yoing up and down with my diet thingie so y'all shld quit with these pics of delish meals!

  14. Hahahaha! I know that radio.
    D salad looks wonderful, Che u r missing oooo
    Now am hungry *sob *

  15. @ Hazel: My old and faithful radio is one of a kind ooo. Abi where else have you seen a radio with scissors-knob. ;-). All the best dear in your dieting.

    @ Lili: You know every na. *wink*. I will try and muster up the courage to eat salad this Xmas. So help me God. Sowiiiiii for making you hungry. Will pop in and help you prepare some salad.

  16. Che this your radio na 'helele'. Not by the attached scissors; Is that one used to control frequency or it is the antenna. Salads are yummy now. Why dont you like them?Maybe it is the dressing you use. This one looks delish too. And the rice, oh my

  17. That radio is so old school lol. AKA Classic :D Yup, salad always looks great

    Muse Origins
    Muse Origins FB

  18. @ Okeoghene: Na real helele ooo. ;-). The scissors is used for all of the above. Lol. No mind me and my being choosy about food. I have never tried it and i just feel that i won't like it. I just ate water melon for the first time 2days ago and i LOVED it. I had always hated the smell of water melon, but my sister made me try it and now, i eat it almost everyday. So, this Xmas, I might just try out salad. Who knows...:-)

    @ Muse Origins: Thanks for complimenting my radio. That was a compliment right. :-).

  19. o my lawd! i'm making myself ur sister (bcos of food) whether you like it or not!

  20. @ Toinlicious: Hahahahahhaaa. So if not for food, you will not be my sister. Ok ooooooo. :-D

  21. Er well, I'll still b ur sister tho just dat d food will make me extra nice #wink. & dat scissors killed me babe

  22. @ Toinlicious: LOL, ok. That scissors is a vital part of the radio. ;-)

  23. hey can you please send me those foods lols