Thursday, 15 December 2011


Work has been very hectic this past weeks. This season is especially busy in the banking sector, because a lot of customers are determined to make the most of the remainder of the year. Two weeks ago, we started planning our end of year party. As the assistant service co-ordinator, I had to be actively involved in the planning. At first, majority of us wanted a beach party, but after some deliberations, we decided to visit an orphanage and also have a Xmas TGIF. A group of people were delegated to represent the branch at the orphanage and yours truly was among. We chose to visit an orphanage in Surulere because of proximity to our office. We went there today and it was a rewarding experience. The kids were fun to be with and some of my colleagues that also went were so sober. Lots of thoughts such as: "How could people just dump their kids"?, "Hope those deformities can be cured" were going through their minds. We played with them, asked their matrons some questions, prayed with them and presented our gift items. Sadly, we couldn't take a lot of pictures with the children, because it is against their policy. We could only take pictures with one child, who would represent all the children. A very friendly and beautiful little girl Chichi* by name was asked to take the pictures with us. We had a nice time with them and on our way back to the office, thanked God for our lives and the families we have.

Our Xmas TGIF will hold tomorrow. "Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyy"

I can't wait ooo. I have mandated all my colleagues to add extra speed to their jobs tomorrow. We need to balance all our transactions early, so we will have enough time to groove. :-). We gonna party hard because we have every reason to. God has been good to us individually and as a branch. In this year, one of us got married, some of my colleagues put to bed and some were promoted. Armed robbers were far away from us and no fraud passed through my branch, none of us died or had accidents to and from work and other places we went to. I could go on and on about God's mercies and kindness towards I and my colleagues.  

On a different note, I got a mail this afternoon informing me that I have been transferred effective Monday. I had mixed feelings when I saw the mail. I would miss my friends (the few that I'm very close to) :-(. I was happy however because I would be in a new environment, face new challenges in terms of my new job function (Funds Transfer desk) and generally start anew. The best part for me is that my new branch is not too far from my house and I would always be going against traffic. *dancing around*. If you live in Lagos, you will understand why I'm so happy about that. Since my boss saw the mail, he has been singing with my name that they are going to miss me :-). So tomorrow, I will send my hand over note to the service co-ordinator (She resumed today from her maternity leave), tidy up my desk, hand over my other duties and GROOVE (for me it will be Xmas/ Send-forth parryyyyyyyyy) :-).

I'm off to polish my dancing shoes. :-D


  1. It is a good thing you and your colleagues decided to visit the orphanage. I am sure you had a lesson in thanksgiving. You see these children, some of them with ailments that you are not sure they will survive. One thing stands true for them though, they are always happy and they seem ecstatic to see people come visit them. And that issue that was big for you now looks little compared to what they are going through.
    I thank God that you did not encounter anything bad as a branch during the year. Especially christmas season, all sorts of fraud cases abound. For all the good news you had all year round,that is enough reason to give thanks and to groove.
    Congratulations on your transfer. I always see such things as God saying it is time to step on the next level,coupled with all the other pros, thank God. FT is a good desk too. All the best. Dont break your waist o. Merry Christmas

  2. Someone made the suggestion during Thanksgiving here last November about visiting those less privileged as a part of holiday festivities and it made a lot of sense. You guys did well.

    Enjoy your groove tomorrow and congrats on your new posting. All the best as well.

  3. Wow, congrats on your transfer. I just need to congratulate you cos I know how Lagos traffic is killing.

    Enjoy your grooves and I join you in thanking God for His blessings.

  4. Should i say congrats on your transfer?! Anyway,i know today is your TGIF so you should be having fun right about now.

  5. Congrats on ur transfer and yay on the parry (av u seen d pakurumo video?)

    It makes me amazingly happy that people never forget to be thankful for their blessings. Y'all did well.

  6. Congrats on the transfer, truly a new 2012 in new location....the lord is your strenght

  7. Yes indeed you and your branch have a lot to be thankful for.. Unlike other banks robbed left,right and center..with casualties.

    I pray you enjoy your new transfer.
    Enjoy your groove

  8. @ Okeoghene: Thanks a lot dearie. We did have a lesson on thanksgiving. I actually chided myself for all the times I complained of the stress @ work and all sorts of things that now seemed trivial. The way the faces of the kids light up when they see visitors is indescribable. I see my transfer in the same way as you do. Greater things are ahead for me. I had so much fun at the parrrryyy.

    @ Myne Whitman: That suggestion makes sense. After we left the orphanage, we were all filled with thanks to God and resolved to complain less. Thanks dear.

    @ @ilola: My dear ehnnnn, Lagos traffic can be so annoying. It's really good to have you back on blogsville. I did enjoy my groove and now I'm so tired. It's a good thing the weekend is here, so I can rest. Thanks sweets.

    @ A-9ja-Great: Yep, congrats are in order :-). Thanks dear.

    @ Toinlicious: Thanks hun. That Pakurumo video is my fave video as at now. I saw it on Bella Naija and i loved every bit of it. From the secretary's scene (Bimpe from Tinsel) where she was more interested in her tatafoo instead of focusing on her job, to Funke Akindele's scenes, to Pasuma, Tiwa Savage in trad looking elegant, my fine bobo: Lynxx and the rest. Thumbs up to Clarence Peters for a creative video.

    @ YNC: Amen to your prayer. Thanks love.

    @ Tamie: Sweets, thank God for his protection. We receive mails at work daily of the different cases of armed robbery attacks in different banks in the country. Some really scary ish. But God has protected us from all harm. We can't thank Him enough. Thanks dear and Amen.

  9. I can understand the excitement, driving against traffic in Lagos cant be overrated and close to home? U're lucky. Compliments of the season dear

  10. @ P.E.T. Projects: Thanks dearie. I can't thank God enough. Have a very Merry Xmas.

  11. Thanks God the year is ending on a happy note and congratulations on your transfer

  12. Any time I go to an orphanage, I leave in tears. Thank you for going and spending time with them. God bless you.

    Congrats on your transfer. I am particularly happy that its closer to your home. That's the best part of working. So you get to start today? Please tell us what your first day impression is?

    Trust you had a great party?

  13. wow! congrats on your transfer. guess by now you are in your new branch, hope you enjoy the place, best of the season to you and yours.

  14. @ Jemima: Thanks darl.

    @ Ema Leecious: Awwwww, you sound like you are quite emotional. *huggsss*. The parrrryyy was a blast. I will blog about my first day soon.

    @ Priscy: Thanks sweets. Compliment of the season too.

  15. I bet its the 'Herats of Gold' orphanage that you guys went to. I have been so lily livered to go there cos i know i will be wailing in tears by the time i come out! I have people who have visited and they came out with very very sober faces. I will try and 'chop liver' so i will go and see those kids cos anytime i pass the place, i feel like i owe them and havnet paid my debt.

    Una do well go sha

  16. @ Amaka's Notepad: Yep, we visited the "Hearts of Gold orphanage in surulere. My dear, chop liver and visit them oo. You will be glad you did and you will be surprised that you are way stronger than you thought.