Monday, 19 December 2011


I woke up excited that I was resuming in my new branch. The excitement was more because I would no longer be facing trailers with their containers and tankers on my route. It's such a relief to me. I got to work at about 7:30am and thankfully, saw a familiar face there. *Steve is a relief Cash Officer/Funds Transfer guy and he would be the one to put me through on my F.T duties. I freshened up and patiently waited for my Head of Operations *Lekan. When he eventually got to the office, he gave me a shocker. Apparently, he and the Hop of another branch had some sort of agreement. And the Group Head was in on it too.

Let me make it easy for you all to understand. Let's call my new branch A and the other branch B. *Steve is the Cash Officer in B. He is presently at A relieving the Cash Officer and also doubling up as the F.T guy. The F.T guy in B has just been transferred effective today. So the Hop of B pleaded with the Hop of A to send me (the new F.T lady) to branch B to act as their F.T lady pending when the original Cash Officer in branch A resumes. When the Cash Officer in A resumes, *Steve would come back to his original branch B and I would go back to my new branch A. (I hope I didn't confuse you all with this ramblings:-)). When my new boss told me this, I actually thought he was joking, but he wasn't. I looked at him long and hard (in my mind, i was saying.... You guys must be kidding me right), bid *Steve farewell and left for my second new branch.

Thankfully, it's also not too far from my home. On getting there, I met my newest Hop *Dinma. She is quite nice. She immediately told me that I would work with them until the second week of January 2012. She also explained to me that for this week, my system right would be amended to that of an F.T person. However, effective next week, I would become a relief Customer Service Officer because the C.S.O guy would be proceeding on his leave. As soon as he resumes, I will be switched back to my F.T rights and I would go back to my initial new branch A. While she was talking, I almost started laughing because this wasn't what I bargained for at all.

The problem I have with my bank and I guess it might be happening in other places too is that, they don't want to employ. There are loads of unemployed youths out there, but Mba, we are not employing. I hear phrases such as "We are cutting cost" and it just annoys me. In cutting cost, the bank can use an individual to do several job functions. And at the same time, the staff is supposed to deliver excellent and prompt service to the customer, be forever smiling and cheerful and there is zero tolerance for errors. Mschewwwwwwwwwwww......

So at the moment, I'm familiarizing myself with my second new branch (even though I will be there for just three weeks), learning and working as the F.T person before flipping over to the C.S.O desk (grinning widely while flexing my muscles).

In all these happenings, I say this to myself: "Every single thing is working together for my good'. Even if I can't understand the how or why. One thing I do know is that even though I am not where I want to be, but I'm definitely not where I used to be. I just know that God is aware of the present happenings and is masterminding everything to work out for my good.

Stretching and Yawning.......Goodnight y'all.

Loads of love and hugs.


  1. Employer!!! Always tryin to use up every kobo they pay u and more... God is ur muscle jare, u'll survive.

  2. eyah pele, thats banking for you o, they use up your blood ..God is your strenght

  3. After reading it this is all I can say---> Let's say you mean A but you wrote B but B wasn't what you expected, you would have preferred A because if B takes the place of A then what you mean is...nothing! In other words, I'm not a banker, dislike that profession & have no idea of your terms/jargon. All I understood was things weren't the way it was supposed to be.

    You must be in WEMA bank or one of those on CBN life support.

  4. Che luv, you already got d right attitude. Everything's gona work out for your good. Bydway, hw come I dint mention u with my culinary-skills pple. To think I was begging to b adopted just last week cos of food *coversface*

  5. I had to read it twice to get the gist of your swap *covering face in shame*

    It must be horrible with all the changes but everything is a learing experience right? Plus with faith in God i believe that this won't all be in vain.

    Have a wonderful Christmas season

  6. Switched! And it's not about to end as long as they refuse to employ new hands! Ndo! But in all, it worketh for your good!

  7. Ok truthfully, i didnt get the hang of the 'A' and 'B' story *yeah, i can be that slow - tongue out* but all i know is that they are tossing you up and down. Kpele dearie. i am sure that whatever doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. You can only emerge stronger from all these and by the time you get to that place you want to be, you would be a well grounded person

  8. Your conclusion summed it all up. Everything works together for your good.
    If you have a suggestion box at work, you can just let them know that they should employ or else, it would backfire on them in the long run.

    Have a great holiday

  9. Lol!

    When I was with Oceanic, I was a virtual staff. I never knew for certain which branch I would end up working each day or which unit, but it was fun.

    Relax, its not just in banks that people "multi-task" and are expected to do their best. I currently work in 3 different capacities in my office...

    Just enjoy the moment!!!


  10. na wa o, all d HOP, A, B, FT............and so on can be confusing sha
    the lord is ur strength dear, u said it all, its working together for your good

  11. @ P.E.T Projects: Thanks dear. I like that "God is really my muscle".

    @ Jemima: Thanks a lot sweets.

    @ @adebsrk: You sound like you don't like the banking profession at all. LOL, I'm not in Wema bank. (couldn't help but laugh when I remembered your post on your experience at Wema bank)

    @ Toinlicious: Thanks hun. Oya, sharply go back and include me in your culinary-skills people. heheheheheehehe.

    @ Dosh: No need to cover your face dear, I wasn't sure if i was making sense as I was writing it. I just wanted to blog about it immediately i got home. All of them join to form my work experience so far. Have a very Merry Xmas.

    @ Emeka Amakeze: They need to employ to relieve the undue stress on the staff and also create jobs for others. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Amaka's Notepad: Thanks dear, and nope, you are not slow. *wink*. I agree with you that it would make me stronger and well grounded.

    @ @ilola: The suggestion box is a nice idea, though i don't think it would help. It has backfired oooo (in the present not even in the long run) and unfortunately, I was involved. I might blog about that later. It wasn't a nice experience at all. Have a fabulous Xmas celebration.

    @ Ema Leecious: I see you have experienced it too. LOl, but it's not fun at all. Especially with the rise in criminal activities and fraud in banks now. I understand the whole multi tasking thingy, but I don't think you can compare it been done in banks with other organisations.

    @ Luciano: Thanks babe.

  12. This sounded very familiar. Anyways good you are looking at the bright side cos at the end of this 3 weeks, you would have covered all the units in branch operations. Have a good Christmas

  13. I can just imagine how you feel dear,but just take it in good fate unless you're set to establish your own company.I perform lots of tasks that are not supposed to be in my job specification too,but i just do them anyway.To me,i'm being built to be a very amazing CEO.

  14. I just kept on reading like i understood..and i then

    Every step of life is an opportunity to gain more experience..jst have as much fun working there.

    Merry Merry Christmas to you!

  15. @ Okeoghene: Thanks love and have a very fab Xmas celebration.

    @ A-9ja-Great: I know I'll be better off with the skills and knowledge acquired at the end of the day. It's just that I'm pressurized to learn a lot of things at once and that's tiring. Thanks dear.

    @ Tamie: LOL, glad you finally understood my ranting. Fun, hmmmmm, will try. Thanks love. Have a wonderful Xmas too dear.

  16. HOP, FT, A, B...I will not lie, I got confused at some point. It is well sha, the New Year shall bring many more pleasant surprises.

    Containers and Tankers reminds me of Apapa/Wharf because that is where you get to see on this ish everyday.

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  18. @ Lara: My former office was in Apapa and it was a helluva experience. Those trailers are very scary. Amen to your New Year prayers. Have a beautiful Xmas celebration in India and a glorious New year ahead of you dear.

  19. Wow! That's deep o! They shouldnt be pushing their workers up and down joor. Anyways I'm glad you are looking at it from 'the all things work together for my good' standpoint, that's something i do often too and it usually does.

  20. ongratulations on moving...any move that helps you save on transport stress is something to rejoice at, i tell you.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  21. @ Cee: Yeah, having a positive attitude does help. I'm learning that cos sometimes, it's difficult to be positive. Thanks dear. Hope you had a lovely Christmas celebration.

    @ Ginger: I agree with you. Thanks dear.

  22. Yes i did. i especially enjoyed it because we went out for christmas instead of the traditional 'big-christmas lunch' that involves alot of cooking and washing up afterwards :)!