Thursday, 20 October 2011

MY FIRST BLOG AWARD *grinning happily*

I received the Versatile Blogger Award from Toinlicious and Jemima and the Stylish and Versatile Blog Award from HoneyDame and I feel so excited because this is my very first award. It means a lot to me to know that people take out time to read what i wrote. It's more amazing because these are people that I don't know but they already feel like family. Thanks a lot dearies *HUGGGSSSSS*.

The rules of the awards are quite simple:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it. 
I have done the first one. Here goes the second rule:

Hmmmmm, what 7 seven things about me should I share? Well, here we go:

1) I love to sing: I sing to myself anytime and anywhere. I learn the lyrics of songs easily and can start to sing along after listening to a song once. I was in the choir in school, but somehow, have not gotten round to joining my church choir.

2) I am a girlie girl. I love to dress up and do the whole matching colors stuff, from jewelry (beads and any kind of jewelry) to eye-shadow, to nail colors, to clothes and even my undies. The whole works. ;-)

3) I love the Lord and try to please Him in all I do. I marvel each day at God's faithfulness in my life.

4) I get irritated at people that ask silly questions: For eg., You see me dressing up and carrying my bag to go out and you ask me if I'm going out. I tell such a person, no, I'm about to go and take my bath. It's obvious  that I'm going out na. *kmt*

5) I have battled pimples and acne on my face since I was in secondary school. I took a lot of fried groundnuts while in secondary school and I guess it contributed to it. I have used all sorts of things, visited dermatologists and heeded to the advise of many. I don tire abeg. Sometimes, it clears and I feel like one very pretty babe. Other times, it just comes all out as if they want to wage a war on my face. I guess I react to somethings. I have stopped using all those different things on my face and try not to let it bother me.

6) I feel hot easily and so do not like been out in the sun. My  friends say it's because I'm used to the air-conditions at home, work and everywhere. Of course that does not mean that I don't go out under the sun. I just get irritated when I'm hot. I tell my siblings that I will have an air-conditon in my kitchen and we would all laugh. 

7) I love to sleep. I no fit shout am enough sef. As in,  I sleep in the bus on my way back from work. If I'm following my colleague, it's better sef, because the air-condition go dey cool my borri. If I'm bored, hungry, angry, happy, sad, anything, and anywhere, I can just sleep. It's crazy. :-D. Surprisingly, I'm not a deep sleeper.

Now to the final part:
I am a newbie on blogsville, but had been following some blogs silently even before I started blogging. These are a few of the blogs I discovered:
I discover new blogs everyday and will be following them too. You all rock. *HUGGGSSSS*


  1. You are welcome babe..
    hehehhhe... I attempt singing but ehn, a frog is better at singing than I am. On number 6, are you sure you are not my mother;s daughter?
    My mum begins to sweat as she is dressing up! go fear sleep! They used to call me kerosene when I was younger cos I would not sleeping during the day but would be out like nepa at night and even earthquake couldnt wake me up.

  2. Welcome proper to blogsville.So you like sleep like that ehn? Choi,i think say my brother dey sleep! Anyway,thanks alot for the award.

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  4. I can SOOO relate with number 5! Though i have been kinda lucky not to have the big ones that leave scars but i have had my fair share of pimple nonetheless. which advise i no hear when i dey uni about wetin i go rub for the face???? Chei, all sorts!!!

    And to the sleeping bit - mehn!!! I sleep so well i could have a phd in sleepology without trying!

  5. I feel you girl especially on the sleeping part...:)

  6. congratulations on your award dearie. I can relate so much with you on number four, I also love to sing just that I do not have have a good voice but I still try sha! and.. thank you for passing the award back to me, I really appreciate.

  7. Ur welcome sweetie. *hugs*
    @Amaka, lol @ sleepology but i'm so signing up 4 dat phd. Funny thing is, i'm a light sleeper too and i cannot for the life of me sleep during the day or in the car. smh4me

    As for the singing thing, i do dat in d shower or wen my sisters are around. we like giving d TLC or Destinys child vibes lol.
    You should probably try out for this music shows o. so i can b buddies with the next Omawumi hehehe

  8. Congratulations, hope you keep winning cos I love ur style of writing

  9. Congrats on your award dear. First time here and following

  10. Congrats dear!! I can testify about the makeup thing since I have seen you in action and even learnt some tips from you...

  11. @ HoneyDame: I understand what your mum goes through. I especially hate to dress up for work if there's no light cos I feel hot and the lining of the suit sticks to my skin. aaarrgggghhhhh. hahahahahahahah @ your kerosene nickname.

    @ A-9ja-Great: E get as this sleep thing be o. Never knew lots of people liked it as much or even worse than I do. Thanks for coming over and you are welcome.

    @ Amaka's Notepad: No mind the pimples jare. My dear, trust me you don't want to hear the different things I've been told to use. Both solicited and unsolicited advice. mschewwwww. Your own sleep level reach Phd? Babe, we need to do something about it o. lol. Thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope to see more of you. I'm heading over to your blog now and will be stalking. ;-)

    @ Jemima: Abi, ;-D. Thanxx for stopping over once again.

    @ Priscy: Thanks dear. Some of my colleagues say I have a bad mouth cos if I'm asked a dumb question, I will ask you if you listened to yourself as you asked me the question. I once asked my colleague if her brain was on leave. As in I was that pissed. That was bad i know, my boss cautioned me. Nowadays, I try to restrain myself from responding to such people and minimize my association with them, so as to avoid making unnecessary enemies. You are welcome dear. Will be on the lookout to learn new things about you.

    @ Toinlicious: Sleeping in a car is the easiest o. The movement of the car just lulls me to sleep. I almost fell off the bus once cos I was asleep and sitting at the edge (the door wasn't closed). The scolding I gave myself that day ehen, the sleep cleared from my eyes sharply. I do the singing in the shower thing too. lol. I'm very shy o and my voice is not that good to enter those competitions. Thanxx babe.

    @ Docia: Awwww, thanks a lot dear. That was very sweet of you.

    @ Travel Buff: Thank a bunch. I'm heading to your blog next.

    @ Gee: Loads of hugs dearie. Laughing as I remember the makeup sessions. We learnt from each other.

    To Travel Buff, Dorcia, Oyindamola and A-9ja-Great: Seeing you all in my list of followers warmed my heart all over. You guys just put a HUGE smile on my face. Thanks for coming on board. Will be checking out your blogs (that's if i've not done that already) and be rest assured that I will be stalking. *huggsss*

  12. Thanks a lot for the award babes :), I love been a girly girl but the thing day tire me sometimes, lol.
    We should organize a sleeping competition for you and Toinlicious now, let's see who the winner would be.

  13. @ Coy-Introvert: You are welcome dear. If there's a sleep competition, I'm sure a lot of people in blogsville would be interested. Many people are worse than I am ooooo. hehehehee. Have a great weekend dear.

  14. Hmm, we are together on the pimples issue o but my face is a lot better now. I can't say I know what I did tbh. Congratulations on the award. Meanwhile I may be needing some tips on banking soon... Chai...

  15. Congrats on your award, I also love sleeping most times if I'm bored, but I'm a deep sleeper. :0

  16. @ mstizzle: Thanks a lot babe. Lucky you, the pimples are gone. The ones on my face do the disappering act sometimes. No wahala on the banking tips dear. You just holla anytime you need to. Why the *Chai*, :-D. It's not that bad na, well except you are a marketer. But, whatever department you may be in, just see it as an interesting though sometimes annoying challenge that you would most definitely learn from. Thanks for stopping by dear.

    @ Myne Whitman: Thanks a lot dear. Hmmm, another deep sleeper like Jemima. ;-). You write soooo well. WOW. I have been to your blog and get so engrossed in the story you spin and always forget to comment. *hides face*. I'm so sure you enjoy what you do (I can feel it in your stories and the way you write). Thumbs up dear. *i promise to comment next time*. Thanks a lot for following. *hugssss*

  17. Thanks a lot sweetie.

    I do feel loved and am smiling happily myself right now.

    One beautiful thing about the blog family is "you actually get to feel like you have known everyone else for years...
    P.s - and you write beautifully as well.

  18. Thanks for the award sweetie!!! *big hug*

  19. Hi dear. Thanks for tagging me. I do appreciate.You are an interesting person really. *winks*

  20. @ Ema Leecious: Yep, Blogsville feels like family. awwww, thanks a lot dearie for the compliment. You sure are loved and deserve the award. You tkr babe.

    @ Nonye: You are welcome dearie. *hugging you right back babe*

    @ RemiRoy: You are welcome honey. Thanks for the compliment dear.

  21. thank you darling! im on it!