Saturday, 22 October 2011


My sister *Nneka* gave birth this morning. yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy *dancing around*. I'm super excited to be an aunty again. We thank God for a safe delivery. Mother, son and father are all doing great. What adds to my excitement sef is that he is the fourth October kid in my family. Yeah, you heard me right. We are four super special, warm and large hearted October children in my family. Lemme break it down for you. I was born on the 9th of October. My sister (the latest mum in town :-)) was born on the 15th. My brother: on the 24th and now my nephew: on the 22nd. Isn't that totally AWESOME.

I remember asking *Nneka* when her expected month of delivery was and she said October, i let out a whoop and danced round my room. I told her that she has to give birth on either of our birthdays. *grins*. I also told her that even if labour starts, she should hold the baby in until it's any of our birthday, then she can drop. :-D.

Sometime last week, she sent me a pix of her preggy tommy via bb chat. I went all ewwwwww, I don't want to see that. I want to see my little nephew. She said she had taken some pictures with her hubby while pregnant, but she didn't have any nice one to send to me. I told her no worries, that they could always go to a studio and take some pretty shots and she could send it later. I woke up this morning and saw her ping that said " no more hubby and me snapping while preggers, because we are on our way to the hospital". I said a word of prayer for her and wished her God's speed and strength. I thank God for His faithfulness in my sister's life. Below is my adorable nephew:

May God protect you. May He cause His face to shine upon you. May you be a source of pride and joy to your family and to the world. May you fulfil your purpose here on earth. May you not shut the womb of your mother. May you grow in the knowledge, wisdom and favour of the Lord. Your name shall be mentioned among the great men in this world. In Jesus Mighty Name. AMENNNNNNNNNN. Nnnnoooooo my darling nephew. *MUAH*

I will be taking my remaining 10 days leave from work next week. I can't wait to get to Abuja to do omugwo. :-D

P.S: I would like to wish everyone born in October a very happy birthday. They are too numerous to mention and I wouldn't like to omit any name. We sure are special people. God bless you all.


  1. AWwwww....That got me ffeling all fuzzy inside..Congrats Aunty Che! The lord will ordain his steps from above. Evil eyes shall not settle on him IJN...U know how I feel about October babies already....We are jest too special....:)

  2. @ HoneyDame: Thanks a lot dearie and Amen to your prayers. *hugs*. Yep, there is just something sooooo special about we October kids. It will take a lot for me not to spoil him silly :-D

  3. Congrats love...and do your omugwo well ooo!

    lol@ she should hold her tummy till its any of your its that easy!

  4. God be praised for safe and complication free delivery!! Children are beautiful gifts from God indeed!

  5. Auntyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Congrats dear!

  6. eyah, congrats ooo. Thank God for safe delivery. Odi ro easy at all at all.
    As of your prayers, che, wetin remain na schnapps and kolanut, cos u said the prayer like you are a proper ibo man who is family head!!!!

  7. awww he is cute and h look s big!..congrats aunty, may he never cease to bring joy to you all :)

  8. i'm an october born. 1st October to be precise. welcome to the world lil one. welcome to october.

  9. awww, i want one too!lol congrats auntie. God'll bless him and ur sis. a loud Amen to all your prayers.

  10. the baby is really cute....I love kids when they are this stage because all they so is to suck and sleep. Aunty che che, lol. congrats to your sister and you! start gearing yourself up to answer a lot of questions soon (i.e when he starts talking)lol. I remember when my boy started talking, to everything, he would say "its what" lol cheers to you all.

  11. @ Ema Leecious: Thanks a lot sweetie. No mind me jare, I'm sure she wasn't thinking of anybody's birthday as labour started. Yelz, I'm gearing up to go do some serious cooking and baby sitting. It's been a while dear. Hope you are doing great.

    @ Nonye: Thanks a lot dear. Welcome to my world. *hugss*.

    @ A-9ja-Great: Thank youuuuuuuuuuu ;-)

    @ Amaka's Notepad: I'm a proper Igbo girl o. hehehe @ schnapps @ kolanut. Thanks a lot babe and Welcome on board.

    @ Jemima: I can't wait to see him. I loooovvvveeeee children. *sighs*. Amen to your prayers dear.

    @ Anonymous: Happy belated birthday to you dear. Thanks babe. Thanks for following moi.*huggssss*. I'm heading over to your blog now.

    @ Toinlicious: I also want one too. lol. Thanks darl.

    @ Priscy: Calling me Che Che reminds me of my mum. Thanks for the advice dear, although I'm sure I wouldn't mind cos I love kids too much. Your son sounds like a cutie. Thanks dear.